The Delirium of Vintage: Vintage Delirium

Hey you, you that you are reading… do you know that in Milano there is the most famous vintage shop in the world? We did not know that until we entered and we discovered a world, a world hidden in the heart of Milano.

It is a unique place, a small and rare jewel situated in Via Sacchi 3. While entering the main door, it is possible to enjoy a beautiful courtyard founding the shop at the right side of it and it’s here…. it’s here that the beautiful world of Franco Jacassi opens its doors.

Mr Jacassi opened up its worlds doors for us, and we remained with the mouth opened and eyes that were unwilling to believe in the beauty, history and in the strong passion that he transmitted to us from the first moment and we traveled, we traveled while listening to him for the whole time. Kind, meticulous, practical, a creative, a Mr with the M in capital letter that enchanted us and the whole world!

From art to fashion, from runway shows to exhibitions; Franco Jacassi dedicate his life to the continuous research, making it become, step by step, a strong passion and transforming him in a fantastic collector!


Buttons talk about history, about culture; buttons speak for themselves. Here we are, they are the first source of collecting of Mr Franco Jacassi.

“Perhaps, if I had not entered that old haberdashery in Milano many years ago I would never have rediscovered the joy I felt as a child when my seamstress godmother allowed me to rummage through her – box of buttons – and I would never have been a collector” cit. Franco Jacassi

The Journey through the space:

The space is wide and gives people who enter it, the opportunity to travel through the years where fashion was in constant evolution, where the research was made of pure theoretical and practical knowledge and not by a simple “Click” on our laptop.

We passed through the ’20s and ’30s finding some magnificent Channel or Vionnet; then moving on to the ’50s and ’60s with Pucci, Balenciaga or Dior, which then made us go towards the ’70s and ’80s rediscovering a beautiful YSL or Versace. These are just a tiny part of the names and items that have made fashion, making it transform in what it is today.

Dresses, Herm├Ęs bags, shoes and accessories of all kind; but for us the real discovery and the thing that surprised us and fascinated us the most, was not the magical world of fashion discovered in the main space, but what we found in the second one!

Coming out of the shop, we crossed the yard and went down the stair where other magical doors opened in front of us. There, in addition to a small part of the magnificent collection of buttons, and other magnificent clothes and accessories of all kinds, we discovered what the true story of fashion is… ok, hold your breath because we are also enameled and still unwilling to believe on what we saw… Old magazines, old drawings, archives, patterns, fabrics!!!!! What a crazy thing!

Can you think about making a dress, an Haute Couture one made especially for you with a ‘800 fabrics? Or… Can you imagine that big names and fashion giants ask to Mr Jacassi to consult old archives or to “borrow” him clothes they made in the ’20s for an exhibition?

UAO! We would call it a jewel, a treasure, a magical place! UAO!

Well, this is Vintage Delirium, indeed, this is Franco Jacassi!

Mr&Mrs Pochette

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