The birth of a timeless fashion: the leather!

Hey you, you that you are reading! Today Mr&Mrs Pochette are going to make you discover how a fashion was born, a fashion that we can define as timeless, as it is a must in every wardrobe – male and female – since it was born. Let’s give a warm welcome to leather garments!

We can stay here and tell you all the long stories but let’s make it short not to get bored. As you know we started our adventure into the vintage world and the first garments that we found into our parents’ wardrobes were leather jackets!

Are you ready?

We discovered, after lots of research, that the leather jacket was born in the early 1900.

First we find a leather jacket that made history, in fashion, in cinema, into our minds…. the aviator leather jacket! How not to remember our Tom Cruise in Top Gun!

This garment was first born with the name of A-1 and afterward changed into the most renowned one of G-1. The first one is realized with horse skin, skinny and short, while the second one was completely revisited in order to donate comfortability and freedom of movement to our American aviators!

The G-1 was then realized with Goatskin, as it is more resistant and less costly, sheepskin collar, internal pockets and not to forget, each pocket it is realized in a way that the person cannot put his hands inside as it is considered rude.

Mr Pochette in his G-1 aviator leather jacket

As you can see we found a G-1 aviator leather jacket for men, now extremely rare to find. An advice? Better to look for the vintage one, less expensive and they are freaking cool!

Leather jackets start to conquer the world after the Irving Brothers and Jack Schott launched them for the first time in NYC in the Lower East Side. They were born as a male garment but after becoming famous, the big fashion Maisons started to work on it making it become also a wonderful female garment.

Most of the vintage leather garments that we found are for men, from the 70’s/80’s. Let’s discover them together!

Mr Pochette in a fantastic Chevignon leather jacket
Mr Pochette in a beautiful Chevignon leather jacket

Do you have any other curiosity to ask us? Write us and we are going to be so happy to answer you!

Opss… don’t miss the next article! Suede is waiting for us!

Mr&Mrs Pochette

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