Our Vintage adventure starts here: homie!

Hey everyone, here’s Mr&Mrs Pochette speaking and we welcome you to our new vintage adventure.

Everything started between different ideas, pictures, and checking on our parents’ wardrobes, looking for something that could have represented how they were dressing up when they were younger. Omg! They were so cool! so different!

Jackets we found

Therefore we entered the 70’s & 80’s. The fashion industry spread 100% of the people’s mood that were facing a period where freedom resounded in the voice and style of many.

Here we talk about hippies, the birth of prêt-à-porter, the contamination of cultures, the birth of two fashion weeks per year and, in the 80s, the entrance of Milano (our city) in the fashion world.

Trousers were flared, skirts started to be shortened and women started to wear pants. This was the magnificent era of blue jeans and the largest shirt collars, it was the era of wedged and high boots. The colors were bright and the finishes were elegant and accurate, nothing was left to change.

Our passion for what it is considered as “Vintage” (it is usually something that is more than 20 years) was born from an unrestrained curiosity about what has been and what has brought fashion to where we are today.

Are you ready to join us in this adventure? Let’s go!

Mr&Mrs Pochette

Casper vs Bubba Gump hat

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