Canyons and bisons, the keywords

Hey there, here’s Mr&Mrs Pochette speaking and we are ready to bring you around the trip that we did this summer! Are you ready? Let’s go!

Let’s be honest, we are USA freaks so, this summer we decided to stay a bit more into the wild and discover few of the amazing places in the heart of Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, and more!

We flow from Milan to Las Vegas through London.

We decided to stay in Vegas just for a night in order ti recover from the air trip,  staying at the Bellagio as it keeps the “Vegas Baby!” mood together with elegance, luxury and comfort.

We went to Picasso restaurant for dinner, inside Bellagio where is possible to watch the fountain show while having dinner. Picasso is a Forbes Travel Guide 5 star rating restaurant where you can experience the French and Spanish cuisine. The particularity of this place are the paintings and ceramics on the walls of the restaurant from Pablo Picasso. It was amazing!

After eating and the jet lag was around the corner so was time to sleep a bit. The day after we drove all the way to Page (AZ), where we stayed for 3 nights.

Page is a city situated alongside the Lake Powell, which is the biggest American artificial lake created by the Glen Canyon dam on the banks of the Colorado river.

As we arrived, we visited the dam and Horseshoe bend, one of the most famous views of the Colorado.

The day after we went to Antelope point marina where we did a boat tour, discovering the lake and its canyons.

In the afternoon, despite one of the only rainy days of the season we visited Antelope Canyon, accessible only with guided tours and with a limited number of entrances, remember to book it in advance. Antelope Canyon, given as before was the home of antelopes, is a thin canyon where it is possible to walk and discover the light games inside of it.

The Antelope point marina and Antelope Canyon is part of the Navajo reserve.

In Page, we could not find any “normal” restaurant so we opted for fast foods for lunch and two local restaurants for dinner: “Into the Grant” and “Big John’s Texas BBQ”.

Next stop….. Moab!

While driving to Moab we stopped by to see the Monument Valley, that we visited driving with our car inside and stopping where we thought was best to make pictures and walk around observing the magnificence of the place. Wow! The landscape is amazing!

Arrived at Moab we followed for half an hour the Colorado river in a small valley that brought us at the Sorrel River Ranch.  The room was amazing and we were just into the nature, with the River, the red mountains all around, horses everywhere and other small animals and for the lazy ones … a pool! Our dream place!!!

Here at the ranch we stayed 3 nights where we visited the Arches National Park and the Canyon lands National Park.


Unfortunately, 3 nights went fast and the day to drive away came! well, not bad, as we were so excited to drive to Yellowstone National Park. We had to drive for 8 hours to arrive but was worth it.

In Yellowstone we stayed in a Lodge inside the park, called, Old Faithful Snow Lodge. The Lodge is one of the only places opened during the winter season but it is not reachable by car so you have to enter in Mammoth and take a slowcoach.

In order to see animals we always woke up very early in the morning and we were able to see 2 black bears, bisons, elks, pronghorns, a coyote and prairie dogs. We think that seeing animals into their own habitat is the the most beautiful thing in the whole world and we felt blessed to have the opportunity to see them.

In Yellowstone there are lots of trails and places to see; geysers, hot springs, waterfalls, valleys, and lots more. We will come back soon to discover more!

We drove from Yellowstone to the Grand Teton National Park. Also here we saw a black bear, we drove alongside the snake river and we saw the Jenny lake. We also did an amazing walk at the John D. Rockefeller JR memorial parkway (we walked for four hours… we were exhausted).

At Tetons we stayed at the Four Seasons in Tetons Village. Teton Village is an amazing mountain village, no garbage, no noises, just happy place, never saw such a clean and smart place. While here, we visited Jackson Hole, a villager where it seems to be in the FarWest!

We stayed for 2 nights in Tetons and after we had to sadly fly away… but it is not finished yet… Florida we are coming!!!

After 10 days into the wild, waking up at 6am  every morning to see things here and there… seaside cannot miss!!

In Miami we took a car and we drove to San Marco Island where we stayed for 3 nights at the Marriott. San Marco Island is a typical American place where people go for holidays or weekends. In San Marco Island we enjoyed the beach, looking for turtles and for shells.

We went to Naples to look around the city and we also went to Bowmans Beach in Sanibel Island where, unfortunately, due to red tides, we could not find any shell but we saw lots of Manatees swimming around.

From here we headed to Miami South Beach, but first we stopped by to have an airboat tour into the everglades where we saw Crocodiles and Alligators! Did you know that everglades is the only place where Crocodiles and Alligators live together in the same ecosystem?? I did not know it!!

Last stop… South Beach!!!

We stayed at the W Hotel in SoBe for 4 nights, enjoying the beach, the poolside and lots of shopping!

Restaurants? We went to Mr Chow, Prime 112 Steakhouse, Zuma and Hakkasan.

Bye bye USA we love you and we will see you very very soon!!

Mr&Mrs Pochette

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