The brave inside, is the inside that pleases
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The brave inside, is the inside that pleases

The lining, the fabric which composes the internal part of a jacket, commonly made of silk.

As we all know, there are two types of jackets, the unstructured ones (no lining, roll, and shoulder straps) e the lined ones.

interno audace mr&mrs

The unstructured jackets can be considered as jackets which adhere more naturally to the body line, especially to the shoulders. This type of jacket is usually made of light fabrics such as linen and cotton, allowing more ventilation and commonly used during the warmer seasons. They are considered as the perfect combination between elegance and sportiness (usually given by patch pockets that make them more casual). Unfortunately, the flaw pf these magnificent jackets is that. unlike the lined ones, the movements and the sweat go directly in contact with the fabric of the jacket, so, if often used, tends to get ruined faster then the lined one. Not to lessen it, many times the unstructured jacket needs more attention to detail as the internal seams are visible!

interno audace mr&mrs

Back to us. The lined jacket, also considered as the classic one, helps us and all the details addicted to make it always more and more personalized, how? The inner lining!

For this article we have selected two types of lined jackets… they are absolutely our favorites!!!!!

As you know, we are addicted to customizations and we could not resist the appeal of these magnificent linings 100% made in Italy fantasy silk fabrics realized by the Sartoria di Milano Acquadimare!

interno audace mr&mrsTrust us, not only you will feel unnoticed but you will give a touch of elegance, personalization, character, personal style, and uniqueness to your jacket.

The first proposal is a jacket made with a Loro Piana Cashmere Cloud fabric (cashmere and silk) made by Sartoria di Milano Acquadimare.

The second choice that we propose, is a bordeaux jacket made with Ariston fabric and realized by Sartoria di Milano Acquadimare, combined with a magnificent waistcoat coordinated with the one breasted jacket.

interno audace mr&mrsinterno audace mr&mrs









What do you think?

Mr&Mrs Pochette

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