the discovery of new tailor shop concept

The discovery of new tailor shop concept! welcome to Eligo’s world!!

We are in the center of Milano, in Corso Venezia 18, in a a magnificent building that recalls the authentic Milanese art nouveau style. Crossing a large courtyard and going up to the second floor, we enter the showroom where we are greeted by a smile and a warm welcome:

“Welcome to Eligo!”

First of all it makes us taste the Italians preferred ritual, a good coffee and a chat to get to know better each other.

Eligo Milano is the merger of two brands that have decided to launch a new concept of tailoring entirely dedicated to service and “customer experience”.

Each customer is assigned to a “Sartorialist” who can decide to meet in the showroom, at home, in the office, at the hotel or wherever he likes.

The figure of the Sartorialist, in this case Giulia, will accompany us in the choice of fabrics, models, customizations and accessories in order to create our perfect look.

A new figure, a true style consultant which is able to guide us throughout the experience, advising us in the choice of every single detail of a complete outfit.

The concept “Wherever you are, wherever you want” we think perfectly suits the concept of this young brand, which can meet the demands of its customers thanks to the different cities in which it is present (Milano, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Firenze, Palermo, Parma, Roma).

We then decided to ask some questions to Naomi, Eligo’s CEO:

How was Eligo born and therefore its custom made service?

It was born during and executive MBA at the SDA Bocconi  and became reality after the union of two entrepreneurial experiences. The combination of these realities allows us to offer customers both a physical point, in the milanese fashion district through a store and a showroom and to access an innovative and flexible model, setting a dedicated appointment with a Sartorialist and living an exclusive experience. Eligo wants to innovate the Made in Italy, aiming abroad and exporting the Italian style and the sartorial tradition, making it unique and fascinating.

What is the feedback that you received from customers? Do they prefer the physical doing or do they prefer to meet at home or at the office?

The feedback from customers is very positive and enthusiastic since the beginning, the men are looking for someone to help them create their exclusive style, saving time and avoiding moving from store to store. In Milano, where we are active since the foundation of the brand, the majority of customers prefer to come to the showroom booking an appointment directly on our website. In other cities, however, such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi, where we have been present since the end of 2016, customers prefer to welcome the Sartorialist into their houses making the Sartorialist get in touch with their world.

Here we ask some questions to Giulia, our Sartorialist:

What si the typical Eligo’s customer?

The typical customer is a man between 35 and 45 years old, an Italian style and high quality products lover working in financial and administrative cities in large finance, consulting, law companies. We also have younger and more mature men, the first come to us to have tailored garments that make them stand out in the workplace, while the other one appreciate receiving advice from the Sartorialist in which helps them to create a fresher and more fashionable style.

Do your customers prefer to buy the complete outfit or just the suit? Do you advice the clientele a lot or are the customers always really precise in what they want themselves?

At the beginning they often buy a shirt, they try the quality and then they move on to the suit up to the complete outfit, which we are more and more able to build on the client’s style, with totally Italian and personalized products. All customers love to have the advice of an external person who, gradually coming in contact with them, knows how to enhance their strengths by creating an absolutely unique and personalized outfit.

Are customers very careful about the details?

More and more customers are looking for garments full of details and personality, something that says, even if only through small details, who they are and what represents them. Many people love to have a different colored buttonhole, a contrasting button or an eclectic and imaginative jacket lining, because they are small details that can only be recognized by a careful analysis.

Any anecdotes?

We received a request for an appointment from a Nigerian customer who came to Italy for a high quality suit. After creating the outfit for his wedding we became very close friends and invited me and my husband to his wedding, to which we went with great pleasure. However, we have some special customers, among them a very famous conductor, also this one who came specifically to Milano to have an exclusive suit for his concerts. 

Most popular suit?

The classical blue suit, made with Zegna fabrics, single breasted with two buttons jacket, trousers with Italian turn ups. The blue fabric has also many variations, we have lots of choices within our sample with over 5.000 possible choices.





In four weeks we will receive our outfit chosen with Giulia and we cannot wait to make you see it!!
Mr&Mrs Pochette

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